On a lucky path – with thanks to..

I feel super honoured to be in the position that I am in today, and that really couldn’t have happened without the love and community support that I have received along the way.

Last year, I was completely blown away to have received the Arts ACT HOMEFRONT Funding, this generous allocation of funds has allowed me to set up a home studio, create new works AND build this new website! Many many thanks to Arts ACT for their support.

The website is designed and built-in collaboration with Friends with Giants, I’m so happy with all the work they’ve put into site, it’s really quite spectacular.

Many of the Class A photographs on this site, were taken by Simon Cottrell – an incredible jeweller and educator. I was fortunate enough to have him as a lecturer and honours supervisor at ANU School of Art & Design. During that time he had a huge impact on the direction I took with my research and was lucky enough to have a number of these pieces captured by him too. Cheers Simon – for everything!!!

Every year, Ash Costello collaborates with a local business and does a giveaway to her followers on Instagram. Last year she approached me! and with the help of Matthew Pizzato made a short video promoting my work. We’ve taken a section of said vid, and have featured it on the about me page. Many thanks to them both for allowing me to do so!

Writing about oneself, particularly me about myself, is fraught with challenges, and the text on this website wouldn’t have been nearly as good as it is without the huge assistance of Jock Webb and Nyx Mathews.

And lastly, but by any means the least, I am so so grateful to each and everyone of you that has invested in a piece of mine, said encouraging words, or rocked up to my exhibition openings. This has made a tremendous impact and I wouldn’t have it all without you all. Thank you thank you thank you!