“Kristina has increasingly produced exceptionally distinct and forward thinking work, informed by her deep awareness of, and passion for the field of contemporary gold & Silversmithing.”

Simon Cotrell

Lecturer/Researcher in Jewellery & Object

“After examining Neumann’s jewellery, I see echoes of it everywhere beyond the gallery walls: in window-frames, gridded street maps, right-angled concrete pavers. In turn, when I run my fingers over the grout between two minature bricks, or thumb a fused-silver pendeant, Im touching a specific idea of a specific city. Poignantly, I touch with the awareness that, someday, I could slip one of those echoes of Canberra into my jewellery box, and carry it with me to parts unknown.”

Nyx Mathews

Visual Artist

Yes, I take commissions :  )

If you would like something new and unique, please email me what you have in mind and I would be happy to make it for you.