925 silver, cord, 2019.




Dreamz plays on this notion of unattainability.
The block is a synecdoche for the house, for the Australian dream.
But the duplicitous nature of this piece also hints at something more sinister. The brick around the neck referencing slavery, being weighed down by our dreams and hopes, on the daily grind/capitalism to purchase a house. Where our work weeks are becoming long, the expectation to [hustle], and the reduction of leisure.

This piece is distinctly a Besser block (Australian name) or (concrete block/breeze block). [It’s not a direct representation or made to the same dimensions.] The corners are rounded that bring on a cartoon like quality. The scale, too, transcends reality. Playing with the familiar and the unfamiliar to create a quality that is out of reach. Jewellery, due to its personal intimacy, portability and familiarity is an ideal medium. Using fused silver to create this work, emulating the texture of the brick. The inside of each hollow is different, one internal surface is smooth with CBR marked on the surface, the city code for Canberra, the capital city of Australia, and also where the artist lives.