Dryer lint, stainless steel, titanium, adhesive, paint




Apartments are considerably cheaper to purchase or rent and maintain than stand-alone houses and are an increasingly sought-after housing option for millennials. This affects their experience and interpretation of ‘the home’, particularly if the family home was a house. Strata rules for apartment complexes vary, but often restrict the ability of inhabitants to hang and display their washing on their balconies.

The use of a clothes dryer is ubiquitous with apartment complexes, the new home for many. Dryer lint is used to reference this relationship. Dryer lint provides a contrast to other materials used. It is a byproduct of human activity in a house or apartment, a raw material that’s generated organically and without conscious effort. It offers a soft, textile quality to the pieces.

Houses are comprised of hard and soft features, an appropriate material to suggest soft furnishings. Juxtaposed with harder materials, Neumann considers dryer lint to specifically relate to themes of the home for many millennials.