a slice of home

Canberra red brick, cotton cord, adhesive, 2018.

20 x 17 x 34mm



A Slice of Home is one of the early brick pieces created during honours, and foundational to the Canberra red brick collection. The name, a figurative idiom, is a literal take on the name. The pendant is cut from an original Canberra red brick, a commonly used material in the construction of numerous homes in Canberra between the 1930’s -1950’s and shaped in the form of a baked good; this piece offers a real slither of a real home.

Weathered and left with dried lichen on the surface of the ‘Canberra’ inscription, the pendant is hung from a ubiquitous cotton cord. This piece attempts to be a simplification (synecdoche) of a Canberra red brick home.