various.  gold. silver. brass.


 Handmade hoop earrings

Contemporary jewellery hand-made in Canberra, Australia. Minimal, light, and dynamic, Kristina Neumann’s range of contemporary jewellery offers a unique local interpretation of classic forms, balancing the simplicity of everyday wear with the sophistication of something special.

The original brass hoop is the very first of an ongoing series of small-scale production hand-made hoops. Developed in 2016 as an offering for two pop-up exhibitions, the Craft ACT Design Canberra Living Rooms Pop Up Exhibition and a community-based Christmas pop-up gallery. These pieces draw on experimental processes that were developed in my honors year of Jewelry and Object at the Australian National University. The piece has a u-shaped hook mechanism that slides back to release the ear wire, allowing the earring to be inserted into the ear. Once threaded through, they are then pushed back through the tube to keep the earring in place. The brass earrings patina beautifully over time, taking on a darker antiquated appearance.

This original design served as an archetype to the greater hoop series, created in brass, gold, and silver. All of these designs are for purchase.